Documents Required

In order to efficiently determine your eligibility, we request that you get the following documents ready to upload:

Personal Documents: Borrowers & Guarantor’s

  • Details of Contact Information
  • 3 year Tax Returns
  • 3 Month Latest Bank Statement
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Brief Bio-Date with Business Experience
  • Copy of Driver’s License and Social Security Number

Business Details

  • Details of Subject Property / Business
  • Business / Property Pictures
  • Purchase / Sales Contract or property secured by lien.
  • 3 years Business Tax Return
  • 3 Month Current Business Bank Statements
  • Partnership Deed, Articles of Incorruption, Relevant Resolution, Business License / Factious Business Name (DBA) / Business Bio- Data ( History), YTD Balance sheet & Income Statement (P&L)

Miscellaneous Documents Required To Be Signed

  • Privacy Notice
  • Disclosure of Right to Receive a Copy of Appraisal
  • Customer Identification Notice
  • Business Loan Application
  • Authorization to Verify / Credit Authorization
  • Environmental Questionnaire
  • Fraud / Misrepresentation : Zero Tolerance Policy

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