International Business Financing

Biz4Loans is dedicated to helping companies obtain the necessary capital for their international business financing needs. We are experts in matching our borrowers with lenders who can provide business loans and working capital quickly. With access to over 750 lenders, we focus on finding the best rates with the most suitable terms for your needs.

Biz4Loans operates in the Private Development and Financing sector, its reach extending to: real estate, construction/development, private and equity, JV lending, as well as international commercial lending. Our staff possesses a knowledge base consisting of decades of industry experience when it comes to risk assessment, development and private capital. We leverage this experience to be highly adaptable to our clients’ needs.

No two businesses are the same and we evaluate each scenario with care, precision, and an entrepreneurial vision. Every loan request is treated as its own unique category, and we ensure that every unique loan scenario still possess the necessities for a fast approval. Our online application process is imbued with this philosophy, and matches every loan request with our investors —making it easy for clients to compare and accept the best terms for their loan request.

We apply this dedication to a diverse group of projects, to name a few:

  • Multi-Family
  • Roads, Dams, Power Facilities
  • N/O/O Trophy Homes
  • Retreats
  • Mixed use
  • Raw Land Purchases
  • Light Industrial
  • Parking Garages
  • Warehouse
  • Auto Repair stand alones
  • Concrete Mix Companies construction or refinancing
  • Electricity Plants
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Raw Construction sites
  • Green Energy, Windmills, Solar and Fuel
  • Gold Refinery construction or refinancing
  • Strip malls
  • Ski Resorts                              
  • Student Housing
  • Oil-Gas Well Fields/Refineries
  • Gas Stations/convenience
  • Churches
  • Casinos
  • Construction Fractured Projects
  • Golf Courses

National – International Programs

After receiving your loan request along with an executive summary and required documentation, your request will be approved within 48 to 72 hours. We then schedule a follow up Skype conference call with all principals involved and a site visit is then set up with our trained professionals—after which the final approval is given.

Please E-Mail a Complete Mandatory Executive Summary with the background of the funding project and why this project can be considered an opportunity; Borrower’s Equity, any contributing real estate or previous appraisals of land or equipment. Also include all permits potentially obtained, and all cash contributions actually paid or contributed to date. Your completed package needs to include:

  1. Descriptive Summary of Business- This should first summarize business specialty, market, milestones, and industry. Second, the descriptive summary should include cash invested, cash on hand, and finally—written proof that you have control of the transaction or project.
  2. Personal Financial Statements of the Owner- These are an absolute and must include the general partner or applicant and principals. The personal financial statements must be dated within 60 day of submittal for all principals who have at least 20% ownership of the project. They also need to be submitted for individual borrowers, the principal officers or owners of a corporate borrower or general partners, but only if the borrower is a partnership. Finally, the profit and loss statements of any entity that qualifies as a borrower must be included.
  3. Resumes of each Principal, general partner and key management personal who is not a principal.
  4. Three years of Profit/Loss Statements and for current year to date. (Income statements and Balance Sheet)
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