Healthcare Financial Services

In recent years, Biz4loans has become one of the loan industry’s premier brokers by offering a diversified range of loans to businesses in every industry as well as the needs of the consumer, and the healthcare industry is no exception.  We have dedicated a portion of our resources and developed our equipment expertise through considerable research in order to accommodate the broadest range of and most unique financial challenges that the industry experiences on a daily basis.

We provide healthcare providers, health systems, and hospitals expert consulting and guidance, feedback on industry on industry equipment pricing, and information on current technological market trends.  In so doing, this enables you to make well-informed decisions on equipment acquisitions.  Our team of healthcare financial specialists can provide flexible and practical financing options conserve cash flow, are cost-effective while minimizing clinical, operational, and technical obsolescence in the process.

Challenges of the Healthcare Industry

Without a doubt, the healthcare industry is one of the most challenging industries education and employment wise, as well as one of the most challenged industries financially.  The way in which healthcare providers deliver patient care and do business has changed dramatically due to the following reasons:

  • market dynamics
  • new regulatory requirements
  • rapid technological advancements
  • widespread consolidation

Our healthcare financing and loan specialists will provide you with financing solutions that will enable you to manage the many changes that the healthcare industry experiences.

How Biz4loans can Help Your Business

Biz4loans offers one of the widest ranges of comprehensive financing solutions that are specifically tailored to the healthcare industry.  Whether you need to upgrade your technology or are planning to expand your facility our professional medical equipment loan specialists can help.  We will work with you in order to evaluate your current financial needs and recommend a loan solution that facilitates your needs.  Biz4loans can provide:

  • corporate and pro-rata guarantees
  • finance programs for equipment manufacturers and software application providers ranging from portfolio purchases to referral-only programs
  • financing for complex company expansion projects, new technology such as EHR (Electronic Healthcare Record system, or acquiring equipment
  • fixed or floating interest rate locks
  • lines of credit, loans, and tax exempt financing
  • monthly step-up payment structures
  • terms up to 10 years
  • up to 100% financing on equipment costs and tenant improvements

We also provide financing for a wide range of healthcare industry organizations including:

  • ambulatory surgery centers
  • healthcare hospitals and systems
  • imaging Centers
  • oncology facilities
  • physician groups

We can also assist you in the leasing or purchasing of the medical equipment that you depend and rely on every day such as:

  • CT systems
  • EHR systems
  • furniture and fixtures
  • HVAC systems
  • IMRT technology
  • linear accelerators
  • mammography equipment
  • MRI systems
  • nuclear cameras
  • PET systems
  • pharmaceutical dispensing equipment
  • stereotactic radiosurgery systems
  • surgical equipment
  • ultrasound equipment

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