Specialty Loans

As a start-up business entrepreneur, you have probably realized that not every bank and lender out there is new-business-financing friendly.  Unfortunately, that is just the way it is.  However, it doesn’t mean that you do not have any financing options available to you.  Existing and new business owners have an advantage when they approach specialty loans and that is the fact that lenders are aware of this and are extremely knowledgeable of the cash-flow and financing needs of the industry as well as the revenue potential.

At Biz4loans, we understand this oftentimes challenging problem and how frustrating the situation can be.  We also know that there is no one-size-fits-all financing solution since everyone’s circumstances are different.  The following information pertains to the 5 different specialty loans that we can help you obtain if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or are the owner of an existing business.  As always, you can rely on our expertise to find you the right specialty loan to facilitate the needs of your business.

Agriculture loans

These loans comprise about 1% of the annual total number of bank loans issued by small banks in rural areas.  As of 2013, agriculture loans accounted for about 6% of the assets that were used in order to fund those loans.  Naturally, these loans are made to farmers in order to fund numerous farming activities.

Healthcare Financial Services

The entire healthcare industry is currently undergoing a period of tremendous change.  This includes facilities such as:

  • assisted living facilities
  • clinics
  • home health agencies
  • hospitals
  • skilled nursing facilities
  • specialized pharmaceutical companies

Consequently, the financing needs of these facilities that surround these industry sectors have created some interesting market trends which as a result have developed into some very unique situations.

Medical Office Loans

It goes without saying that every medical office around undergoes their fair share negative and positive situations especially when they need financing for certain aspects of their daily operations.  Medical offices will typically apply for loans whenever business slows down and they need to boost their cash flow.

Non-Profit Loans and Grants

Non-profit organizations typically use their profits to improve its operations and services rather than paying their investors or managing partners any dividends during the year.  If you own and operate a non-profit organization, you could be eligible for certain types of loan programs as well as government grants.

Religious Institution Loans

Banks and other lending institutions that provide loans for religious institutions have a deep understanding of how that industry operates.  Unlike other lenders, these professionals will evaluate your circumstances in order to identify your financial needs and make every attempt to meet them.  At Biz4loans, we have access to a network of over 750 different lenders to tap into and find you a loan that facilitates the needs of your organization.

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