SBA Loans

At one time or another, many Americans have had the dream of owning and operating their own business.  The temptation to be your own boss and make your own schedule can be so overwhelming that you oftentimes overlook how incredibly challenging this type of endeavor can be.  Unfortunately, many new businesses tend to struggle in the current economy and will need financial help at some point in time.  Fortunately, the SBA or Small Business Administration is dedicated to helping existing and start-up businesses with different loan programs and resources.

How does the SBA help Smaller Businesses?

In many cases, the SBA loan programs that are available were created to assist a variety of under-represented minority groups such as ethnic minorities, service-disabled veterans, and women.  Plus, there are a number of advantages to SBA loans including competitive interest rates, declining prepayment fees, flexible terms and NO balloon payments.  Some of the more popular loan programs that individuals apply for include:

  • Disaster loans
  • Export assistance loans
  • Loans for start-up and expanding businesses
  • Military and veteran community loans
  • Special purpose or specialty loans

The SBA’s role in providing assistance also encompasses small business funding that has been designed to meet specific financial needs such as debt financing and equity financing.

In addition to this, the SBA can help with commercial loans from banks and other 3rd party lending institutions.  Finally, they can assist smaller businesses and help them find venture capital or guarantee bonds (surety bonding) if loans are not an option.

What the SBA Loan can do for You

The first step towards achieving your small business goals and getting the financial help that you need is to understand how the SBA functions in the lending process.  Unlike what you may have been led to believe, the SBA doesn’t loan money.  However, they do play a significant role in the lending process by guaranteeing commercial loans.

This improves your chances of getting a loan from a 3rd party.  Additionally, there are a number of small business financial assistance programs that they provide.  These programs have been specifically designed and developed to meet key financial needs including equity financing and surety bonds (see above).

SBA Loans We Offer

Whatever SBA loan is the most appropriate for your business, Biz4Loans can assist you in obtaining the one you need.  In addition to the broad range of loan programs and support tools that the SBA provides, you will benefit from our expertise and be able to navigate through the commercial lending process much easier.  The following links will help you learn more about the different SBA loan programs that we can help you with:

7(a) Loan Program

CDC/504 Loan Program

Microloan Program

Disaster Loan Program

Venture Capital Program (SBIC)

Rural Business Investment Program (RBIP)

New Markets Venture Capital Program (NMVC)

Disabled Veteran- Owned Small Business Concerns (SDVOSBC)

Women-Owned Businesses

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