Small Business Loans

One of the many types of loans that we can assist you with is small business loans.  As with our other types of business loans, we have one of the quickest lender matching systems and online application processes in the lending industry.  In order to understand why these types of loans were developed, it helps to learn more about them including the different ones that Biz4Loans currently provides.  Keep in mind that the majority of every type of small business out there, will need a certain amount of funding at some point in time.  It doesn’t matter whether they have been operating for several years or are just starting out.

What can You do with a Small Business Loan?

When the lending industry suffered from the economic downswing that began in the latter part of 2008, it became increasingly more difficult for smaller businesses to obtain loans for:

  • investing money into existing businesses for the purpose of financing current or future expansion and growth
  • purchasing an existing business
  • starting a new business

When the lending industry stumbled in 2009, there was nearly an 8% drop in the amount of loans that were approved.  According to the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp), there had not been a decrease of that proportion in nearly 70 years.  Fortunately, businesses that have a sound business and marketing strategy can still obtain the funding they need here at Biz4Loans.

How can You get a Small Business Loan?

Today, there are primarily three ways that you can get a small business loan including:

Bank loans – according to a number of financial experts, one of the most common places to obtain a small business loan is a bank.  After all, most of them are still reputable and trustworthy – aren’t they? Unfortunately, in today’s economy, the small business owner has to search a lot harder to find a lender.

SBA loans – loans provided by the Small Business Administration is another source of funding for many existing and start-up businesses.  As a result of the economic downswing in 2008-09, the number of SBA loans rose by nearly 40% from the prior year.

Online small business loan opportunities – it goes without saying that one of the many “perks” that the internet has provided the consumer with, besides shopping opportunities, is the ability to apply for and obtain a small business loan – and the business loans that Biz4Loans can provide are geared toward the many needs of smaller companies.

Why Biz4Loans?

As a leading lender of business loans, Biz4Loans can help you find the ideal funding for your small company.  Here is some additional information regarding the different small business loans that we offer:

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