Conventional Loans

Unlike the Department of Veterans Affairs and the FHA (Federal Housing Authority), conventional loans typically have no ties to the US Government.  There are two types of these loans including secured loans (uses collateral to secure them) and unsecured loans (a.k.a. signature loans) which are based on the financial condition of the borrower as well as their creditworthiness.  Unsecured loans typically have higher interest rates compared to secured loans.

Commercial Conventional Loans

Flexible underwriting and lower, long-term fixed rates are the key features of commercial conventional financing.  Both investors and owner-users can take advantage of these loans.  Both conventional loans and SBA loans are available for those individuals who want to cash-out refinance, purchase, or refinance commercial property that is owner-occupied.  There are a number of advantages to owning commercial property including:

  • asset appreciation
  • controlling overhead costs
  • tax advantages

Furthermore, Biz4loans offers commercial conventional financing for investment properties such as non-owner occupied apartment buildings, multi-use properties, office buildings, retail centers, and more.

Why should you choose Biz4loans?

At Biz4loans, we offer several types of commercial conventional financing, plus we have a staff of experts that can evaluate your loan needs as well as your income and projections.  Once we know these factors, we can recommend the right type of loan and structure it to facilitate your needs and get it approved quickly and easily.

Not only do we search for and find the best commercial loan option but we will find you the best rate on that loan as well.  Additionally, we will match you up with the best commercial lender from our network of over 750 lenders.  By doing this, your loan will be funded accurately and quickly to ensure that everything fits your specific circumstances.


 If you have been in the same location for several years and it’s obvious that you have outgrown it, it may be time to consider moving from your current location into one that is large enough to facilitate your expansion and growth.  Once you have overgrown your business space and keep trying to operate out of it, you could be hindering your growth and missing out on numerous opportunities to generate more sales and profits.  So you need to consider moving to a location that will facilitate the needs of your business operations.

In order to accommodate the needs commercial property owners and their conventional loan scenarios.  Here are some factors for you to consider where a commercial conventional loan is concerned:

  •  Closing can take up to 6 weeks
  • LTV (Loan-to-Value) ratio can be between 75% and 80%, however, there are exceptions where it can rise up to 90%
  • Rate pricing ranges anywhere from prime to prime plus 2% or 3%
  • Underwriting can be very strict and not very accommodating
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