Commercial Real Estate Loans

As a small or mid-sized business owner, you might at some point in time be thinking about expanding your current business, purchasing new equipment or machinery, or either purchasing or renovating commercial property.  If so, then you might want to consider looking into commercial real estate loans depending on what you want to accomplish with the proceeds of the loan.  The traditional methods of applying for and getting a loan can be a hassle since you’re going to expend a lot of energy and waste a lot time in the process.

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When you need a commercial real estate loan, Biz4loans has a network of 750 banks and lenders that we can use to secure any of the following loans:

Commercial hard money loans – as the name implies, the primary difference between a commercial hard money loan and a residential hard money loan is the type of property that you use the proceeds for.  With either type, the funds that the borrower receives are secured by the value of the real estate that the loan applies to.

Conventional loans – this mortgage loan is not backed or insured by the Federal Government or one of its lending programs such as the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Federal Housing Authority (FHA).  With conventional financing, you have a choice of both fixed-rate and adjustable rate loans.

Interim financing – this refers to the process of obtaining short-term, temporary financing until a business or individual is able to remove the existing obligation or secure permanent financing.  Interim financing enables the user to generate an immediate cash flow and meet their current obligations.  Loans are typically 12 months or less (short-term) and have a higher interest rate than other types of financing and loans.  It is also referred to as a “bridge loan”, “gap financing”, or a “swing loan.”

Residential hard money loans – this specific type of asset-based financing is usually issued by a private company or investor.  Because the lender takes on a higher risk with hard money loans, the interest rates charged for conventional commercial or residential property financing is considerably higher.

For the purposes of this type of financing, “commercial real estate” is defined as any property that is strictly used for conducting business.  The primary examples of commercial real estate include:

  •  convenience stores
  • gas stations
  • malls
  • office parks
  • office towers
  • restaurants

Biz4loans got its start in the real estate industry so our professional staff members have a detailed understanding of a company’s needs and procedures involved.  We can leverage our experience, expertise, and technologies to work in our client’s best interests.  You can count on us to evaluate your specific business real estate needs and secure the right loan effortlessly and professionally.

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