Business loans

 Small Business Loans

It’s ironic but usually when you need funding for your business the most, that’s when it seems like it is the most difficult to obtain.  Biz4Loans can assist you in finding the right loan for your business as quickly as possible by using our online loan application and lender matching system.  You can easily browse through our website or explore any one of the different loans listed below.  This will help you to determine which type of loan best addresses the needs of your business.

  1.  SBA Loans
  2. Small Business Startup Loans
  3. Microloans
  4. Franchise Financing
  5. Bad Credit Business Loans

Business Financing

No two businesses are alike, even when they operate in similar industries.  So it stands to reason that each business has its own exclusive set of needs, especially where financing is concerned.  The experienced staff at Biz4Loans can help you access a business line of credit quickly and effortlessly as well as other types of business loans such as equipment or hard money loans.  Whatever type of funding is required, we will be happy to assist you with your specific business needs.

  1.  Accounts Receivable Loan Financing
  2. Bridge Loans
  3. Business Line of Credit
  4. Asset Based Loans
  5. Equipment Financing
  6. Unsecured Business Loans
  7. Working Capital Loans

 Commercial Loans

Biz4Loans can help you procure a commercial loan by helping you access a network of over 750 lenders.  These different lending institutions can help you appropriate funding for your current and future business plans.  Whether you need funding for certain business operations, capital expenditures, the purchase of commercial property, or simply to finance some routine expenses, we are always available to assist you.

  1.  Conventional Commercial Loans
  2. Commercial Real Estate Loans

 Hard Money Loans

At some point in time, you may need to acquire funding for only a few months to a year.  Biz4Loans is one of the premiere commercial and residential lenders in the industry that offers hard money loans.  You can always count on us to provide you with the easiest and quickest access to short-term, private funding.  Hard money loans are ideal for settling arrears on your current mortgage or to overcome a distressed and unexpected financial situation that you had not anticipated.

  1.  Residential Hard Money Loans
  2. Commercial Hard Money Loans

 Specialty Loans

There is one common thread that runs throughout the lending industry and that is that there is no magic loan that will accommodate every business and the needs of each one.  In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all approach where business or commercial loans are concerned.  That is why you may need a specialty loan such as the ones listed below.  Here at Biz4Loans, we can find a specialty loan that specifically addresses your type of business.

  1.  Agriculture Loans
  2. Healthcare Financial Services
  3. Medical Office Loans
  4. Non-Profit Loans & Grants
  5. Religious Institution Loans


Construction Loans

Construction loans are considerably different from other types of business loans.  So it is important that you understand how they work.  Biz4Loans offers one of the most creative construction loan funding processes in the lending industry today.  Regardless of the type of project you need funding for, we can provide the financing necessary in order to satisfy your needs.  From acquisition to construction to development, we can finance any project.

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