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Sir Ken Robinson Quote


Sir Ken Robinson, born March 4, 1950 , was raised by James and Ethel Robinson and is one of seven children. Coming from a working class family, Ken Robinson managed to put himself through college and graduated from Liverpool Collegiate School in 1963. After Graduating from college, Robinson became and an educator at the University of Warwick for 12 years. Later in Robinson’s career he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003 for his services to the arts and in 2005 was named Time/Fortune/CNN’s “Principal Voices”.

Benjamin Franklin Quote

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Benjamin Franklin was a man of many ideas and as many know he was never one to sit around and waste his time. With inventions such as the light bulb, bifocals, and the lightning rod Benjamin Franklin was a man who, throughout his life time, was well worth reading and writing about. Benjamin Franklin was not only a brilliant mind but also one of the United States of Americas founding fathers.

Theodore Roosevelt Quote

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Theodore Roosevelt always made the best of any situation that he was put in or any circumstances that he faced. Through many challenges such as the passing of his father, mother and wife, Roosevelt always managed to keep his head clear and knew what he needed to do as the President for the United States of America. Roosevelt did what he could with what he had and lead the United States in the right direction with the many acts and laws that were passed.

Martin Luther King Jr Quote

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a clergyman, activist, and the leader for the African-American civil rights movement and was very vocal about his personal views and the views of the people who were to scared to defend themselves. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech helped inspire many across the United States and became a symbol of hope for those who saw a better future for not only themselves, but others who were different and alike.

Oprah Winfrey Quote

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Oprah Winfrey is a woman with many goals that she had for herself. Born into poverty, Oprah Winfrey set out to make a name for her self and started off working at a local radio station while in high school. Through hard work and dedication Oprah Winfrey was able to work her way out of poverty and become, at the time, the worlds only black billionaire and respectably the worlds most influential woman.

Steve Jobs Quote

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Steve Jobs at an early age developed a passion for electronics while working with his father in their garage taking apart and putting back together old TV’s and radios. This later developed into the passion of working with computers and software. A visionary of the 21st century, Steve Jobs turned his passion into a succefull business worth and estimated 624 billion dollars.