Tips for Small Business Financing

  • How To Get Fast Business Loans Even With Bad Credit ...

    February 24 - no comments

    If you own a small or startup company, you may need more capital, have a temporary cash problem or have little to no cash flow at all. Everyone knows there is a way to get a loan when you need extra money, but most small companies don’t have the credit history or have bad scores and won’t qualify for fast business loans. However, a poor score shouldn’t hold y

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  • How To Get Merchant Cash Advance Funding In As Little As 4 Days ...

    February 22 - no comments

    If traditional financing options have failed for your business, such as small business loans, business lines of credit and working capital loans, you may think you’re out of options, but there is an alternative that you may not have known. Merchant cash advance funding is a way to get access to quick cash when it’s necessary and isn’t considered a loan, so th

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  • Why You Should consider taking a loan from Alternative Lenders ...

    January 20 - no comments

    Entrepreneurs starting a new business or entrepreneurs trying to operate an old enterprise will need a small business loan at some point or other. Though we call them small Business usually they need huge amounts of money to either start the business , revamp their work space or just keep their business running. The downside to traditional lenders The fir

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  • Reasons to Consider Alternatives for Small Business Start Up Loans with Bad Credit ...

    December 30 - no comments

    If you are a small business, you likely require start-up loans to get going. The problem is that you may have bad credit or none at all. New companies have trouble getting a loan and, while it can seem daunting, there are alternatives, such as Merchant Cash advance. While there is a small-business loan option out there to help existing companies get financing, t

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  • Are you looking for a Small Business Loan …. But, have Bad Credit!!! ...

    November 20 - no comments

    I have a Small business and need additional capital, but I have bad credit. I am facing temporary cash flow issues for my mid sized business? I have a startup with very tight cash flow, but my credit score isn’t great. Does, that sound like you? Are you faced with similar concerns? Well there is a silver lining in every dark cloud, the answer to your con

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  • International Loans ...

    October 1 - no comments

    The History: It was created on July 30, 1953 to help assist and protect those individuals involved in small businesses. In 1954, SBA was already making direct business loans and making loans to those that were victims of natural disasters. In 1958 the Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) Program was established to help fund investment firms that were priv

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