What We Do

Commercial Loan Brokers

Many individuals may not be familiar with the term “commercial loan broker” as far as what they are and what they do.  Aside from the business of lending, the commercial loan industry serves a variety of functions.  Prospective homeowners are not the only individuals that need loans.  Lending also applies to commercial clients – companies and corporations that want to develop new projects of expand their business.

Sometimes, certain local banks and other lending institutions are unable or unwilling to approve loans will others provide borrowers with better terms.  Enter the commercial loan broker.  This individual can match you to the right lender to facilitate the financing needs of your business.  Most commercial loan brokers work in the real estate industry and act as a liaison between the borrower and the lender.

This provides the individual with a wider field of financing options.  Since there are dozens of loan packages and programs for businesses in the marketplace today, one of the broker’s responsibilities is to know what is available.  They must know the way in which the loan industry and marketplace work and should be licensed to operate as a commercial loan broker (state requirements may vary).

Our Role in the Lending Industry (What we do)

Biz4Loans is a premiere commercial mortgage brokerage and lending industry leader.  Our company specializes in assisting business owners and entrepreneurs to locate and obtain the right financing or loans to suit their company’s needs.

How We Can Help

Business owners and entrepreneurs have numerous options to choose from where debt financing as concerned.  However, no two businesses are ever alike and neither are their needs when it comes to financing and lending.  Biz4Loans realizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to commercial lending and that some options are not a good fit for certain businesses.

Our expertise enables us to evaluate your needs and get to their core so we can recommend the right commercial loan package that has the highest chance for approval.  Gathering the necessary documents and financial information for a commercial loan application can be a difficult process.  At Biz4Loans, we try to simplify the loan application process so that it runs efficiently and smoothly.

Our Philosophy

We not only help good businesses, we help the good people that own and operate them.  Whether it is a business owner that is experiencing financial hardships or an aspiring entrepreneur that needs capital for their business start-up, we keep our borrower’s best interests in mind throughout the lending process.  Granted, credit histories and financial statements are important for evaluating your business.  However it is the character of that business that helps us to develop success relationships.

Our staff of professional experts specialize in a number of industry areas.  No matter what industry niche, credit history, or business type, Biz4Loans experts are highly qualified in the organization and packaging of loan requests.

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