About Us

As of the end of 2013, commercial banks in the US were holding well over $1.5 trillion in commercial and industrial loans*.  In addition, the commercial loan broker is oftentimes essential to the lending process when companies or individuals need funding.  Compared to small business loans, the borrowing and lending of commercial loans is considerably more complex in nature, hence the need for a commercial loan broker’s assistance.


 As commercial loan brokers, Biz4Loans is dedicated to providing the highest quality of efficiency and service possible.  Our staff specialists have extensive loan processing expertise and can provide our clients with a quick, safe, and simple process in order to close loans considerably faster than most commercial loan brokers in the industry.  We keep your best interests in mind at Biz4Loans so you are always our top priority.

Who We Are

 Our California-based company now offers a new, quicker way of closing commercial loans for businesses large or small.  With our client-oriented focus and our improved standards for higher quality service, we utilize the most updated technology and pass the cost savings on to the client.

Entrepreneurship Advocates

At Biz4Loans, we believe that no two entrepreneurs are alike and that entrepreneurship is a journey that individuals take in order to be rewarded for their efforts over the long term.  Some are seeking a better quality of life for themselves and their family members while others assume the risk of pursuing their financial independence.  Whether you live in a smaller town or a large municipality, every community in the US relies on entrepreneurs and small businesses to create jobs and promote economic growth.  In so doing, they will usher in new opportunities.

We understand the many challenges that arise and the number of obstacles that small business owners face on a daily basis.  We also understand how start-up entrepreneurs wear different hats within their company when their business is initially launched.  As a result, Biz4Loans provides convenient and detail-oriented processes as quickly as possible so that they achieve results without encountering any delays or obstacles in the process.

Growing the Business Community

Whether you are expanding your current facility, financing your initial start-up costs, or purchasing new equipment and machinery, Biz4Loans is here to assist you.  We know how unexpected costs and opportunities arise at inopportune times and how they usually require an immediate decisive action.  Our ability to close a wide range of loans quickly allows us to build stronger client relationships based on our reputation for effectively and efficiently serving our clients.

Because of our adaptability and quickness, we have brokered over $500 million in business loans ranging from apartment complexes to hotels, farms to office buildings, and non-profit organizations to surgical centers.

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